We are happy to introduce to you, our ServoyCamp sponsors!

Servoy B.V.

“Helping you deliver excellent applications, faster."

We created the Servoy application development platform to help businesses accelerate innovation and unlock growth. 

Born out of frustration with the slow pace and uncertainty of common approaches to software development, we’ve streamlined application development processes and combined them with the tools developers need to rapidly deliver capable and versatile software for every unique situation, sector, or use case.


Yield software development

For nearly two decades, our team has been dedicated to Servoy consulting, helping clients develop and rewrite their software. With expertise from smart client to TiNG, components, plugins, Electron, integrations with all types of software, working with local devices, you name it.


Software Solutions

Roclasi software solutions

Servoy consultancy and training

REST API design

PostgreSQL consultancy



Cloud++ B.V.

Cloud++ is a software development company with over 10 years of experience. We specialize in developing custom software solutions and focus on fostering long-term partnerships. We assist our customers in improving their business and production processes by creating apps and platforms that enable them to serve and reach their end customers.

While specializing in custom-built software for our clients, Servoy has always been a low-code platform that we support. From the beginning, we have maintained a connection with the founders of Servoy to stay up-to-date with all the new releases and updates. For Playbookify, we have successfully migrated from the previous version to the latest version, which brings numerous benefits. We are continually introducing new features to provide the best customer experience.

Through our collaboration with Servoy, our developers uphold high standards to remain current and excel in their expertise for Servoy. Our dedicated development team is ready to start in 2 weeks. If you're facing challenges in finding capacity or scaling up your current development team, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at our table.